Educational Technology-II (Question-Answer Series ( शैक्षिक तकनिकी-2 ) ()  (Hindi Medium)

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Author: Parth
Book Code: OBM/18/12/1101
Publisher: Parth Publishers
University: Rajasthan University (RU)
M.Ed. One Week Series Educational Technology

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One Week Series

Educational Technology 


This One Week Series is Written in Hindi Language in Question Answer Series According to syllabus of Rajasthan , Maharaja Gangasingh , Jai Narayan Vyas , Maharishi , Kota , Mohanlal Sukhadia University. 

 Education Technology-II


UNIT 1: - Communication Modes in education

*Concepts and process of communication

*Principals of communications

• Communication and learning

• Modes of communication - Speaking and listing, Writing and reading visualizing and observing

• SMCR model of communication, Sharon's model of communication

• Task analysis

Unit II: Programme Learning Materials

*Mechanics of developing different types of Programmed Learning Materials,

• Mastery Learning

• Criterion Reference Testing and Norm Reference Testing: Assumptions. Advantages,

Disadvantages and Uses.

UNIT III: Behavioral Technology

*Flanders Interaction Analysis,

*Coding, Decoding,

*Feedback System and Simulation

UNIT IV: Models of Teaching

• Definition, classification and elements, ITM/CAM as an example. Multimedia Approaches and Instructional Strategy: meaning and designing.

*Difference among message, method and medium,

• Cybernetics -Concept and scope in Education.

UNIT 5 - e-learning

• E-learning definitions, scope, trends, attributes & opportunities

 • Pedagogical designs & e-learning

• Assessments, feedback and e-moderation

• E-learning on line learning management

• On line learning management system

• Digital learning objects

• Online learning course development models

• Management and implementation of e-iearning



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