Introduction to International Trade, Development and Public Economics  (2022)  (English Medium)

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Author: Parth
Book Code: OBM/20/9/103041
Publisher: Parth
University: Rajasthan, Matsya, Brij, Shekhawati University

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Introduction to International Trade, Development and Public Economics One Week Series (Question-Answer Series) According to Rajasthan University Syllabus.



Paper 1: Introduction To International Trade, Development And Public Economics

Section - A Features of International Trade, Gains from Trade. Trade Theories: Adam Smith, Recardo, Harberler, Mill and H O Theory (Elementary treatment). Free Trade and Protaction, foreign, Exchange Market and Exchange Rate. Balance of Trade And Finance of payment: Definition *** And Structure, International Monetary Fund, WTO scope and Impact.

Section --B Economic Growth and Development: Factors affecting Economic Growth, Measures of Development , Lewis Theory of Unlimited Supply of Labor, Balanced V/S Unbalanced Growth Model, Harrod Domer and Solow Models, Concept of Poverty and Inequality. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Asian Development bank.

Section-C  Nature and Scope of Public Finance. Role of Government in the Economy. Public Goods and Private Goods. Theory of Maximum Social Advantage, Optimal Budgeting. Public Revenue: Canons of Taxation, Impact, Incidence and Shifting of Taxation. Direct and Indirect Taxation, GST, Public Expenditure: Canons of Public Expenditure, Classification and Effects on Production and Distribution. Public Debt: Meaning Objectives and Burden Theories. Fiscal Policy: Meaning, Objectives and Anti-Inflationary Policy.



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