B.Sc. I Year Solved Papers (Botany, Chemistry, Zoology) by Parth Publishers Jaipur  (2022)  (English Medium)

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Author: Parth
Book Code: OBM/19/2/11491
Publisher: Parth Publishers
University: Rajasthan University (RU)
B.Sc. I Year Solved Papers (Botany, Chemistry, Zoology) by Parth Publishers Jaipur

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B.Sc. I Year Solved Papers (Botany, Chemistry, Zoology) by Parth Publishers Jaipur


BSC IST Year BCZ English Medium (RU)

Topics Covered in Book


Paper-1 Cell Biology, Genetics and Plant Breeding

Unit-1 Cell organelles and Nuclear material

Unit-2 Cell Divisions

Unit-3 Genetic Inheritance

Unit-4 Plant Breeding

Paper-2 Microbiology, Mycology and Plant Pathology

Unit-1 Microbiology

Unit-2 Virus, Plant Diseases

Unit-3 Brief Account, Structure, Importance and life history and/or disease cycle and control of the following Albungo and white rust, Scierospora and Downy Mildew/Green ear disease of bajra, Aspergillus, Claviceps and Ergot… Peziza

Unit-4 Brief Account, Structure, Importance and Life History and/or disease cycle and control of the following, puccinia and black rust of wheat, ustilago and loose smut of wheat and covered smut of barley, agraicus, Altermaria and early bight of potato.

Paper-3 Algae, Lichen and Bryopryta

Unit-1 General Characters, Classification (smith), Diverse, Habitat, Range of thallus structure, photosynthetic pigments and food reserve, reproduction (Vegetative, asexual, sexual). Type of cycles, Economic Importance.

Unit-2  Type Studies, Cyariophycede-Volvox, chara, Xanthophyceae_Vauncheria, Phaeophyceae-Ectircarpus, Rhodophceae-Polysiphonia

Unit-3 General Characters, Origin and evolution of biyophta, classification ( Eichler), Habitat, Range of thallus structure, reproduction (Vegetative and sexual) Alternation of Generations, Economic importance, Type studies Hepaticopsida-Riccia, Marchantia.

Unit-4 Tyoe Studies, Anthocerotopsida-Anthoceros, Bryopsida-Funaria, Lichens-General Characters, Habitat-Structure, Reproduction and Economic and Ecological importance of Lichens.


Paper-1 Inorganic Chemistry

Unit-1 Ionic Solids, Metallic Bond, Weak Interactions

Unit-2 Covalent Bond, Molecular Orbital Theory

Unit-3 S-Block Elements, Periodicity of P-block elements

Unit-4 some important compounds of P-block Elements, Chemistry of Noble Gases

Unit-5 Nuclear Chemistry, Radiochemistry


Paper-2 Organic Chemistry

Unit-1 Mechanism of Organic Reactions

Unit-2 stereochemistry of Organic Compounds, Optical Isomerism, Geometric isomerism, Conformation isomerism

Unit-3 Alkenes, Cycloaikenes, Dienes and Methods of Formation, Arenes and Aromaticity, Aromatic Eletrophillc substitution

Unit-4 Alkyl and Aryl Haiders, Polyhaleogen compounds

Paper-3 Physical Chemistry

Unit-1 Mathematical Concepts, Liquid State, Gaseous States, Critical Phenomena


Diversity of Animals

Unit-1 Biosystematics and Taxonomy

Unit-2 Prozoa, Porifera, Coelentrata

Unit-3 Indicates wherever required:- Ctenophora, Platythelminthes, aschelinates, amelida


Cell Biology and Genetics

Unit-1 Introduction of cells, cell membrance, Cell Membrance Transport, Cytoplasmic Organelles

Unit-2 Nuclear Organizations, Nucleic acids, genetic code and translation, cell in Reproduction

Unit-3 Genetics-Mendelism,chromosomal Mutations, Linkage and crossing over, genetic interaction, Multiple gene inheritance, Cytoplamic Inheritance


Games & Developmental Biology

Unit-1 Developmental Biology-Scope and Early Events

Unit-2 Developmental Biology-Pattern, and Processes

Unit-3 Dimensions in Developmental Biology














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