Principles Programming Language [Through 'C'] - I Year BCA One Series by Parth Publishers Jaipur  ()  (English Medium)

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Author: Parth
Book Code: OBM/18/12/1116
Publisher: Parth Publishers
University: Rajasthan University (RU)
Principles Programming Language [Through 'C'] - I Year BCA One Series by Parth Publishers Jaipur

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Principles Programming Language [Through 'C'] - I Year BCA 


Principles & Programming Language

Part I

(very short answer) consists of 10 questions of two marks each with two questions from each unit. Maximum limit for each question is up to 40 words. Part II (short answer) consists of 5 questions of four marks each with one question from each unit. Maximum limit for each question is up to 80 words. Part III (Long answer) consists of 5 questions of twelve marks each with one question from each unit with internal choice.


Basic concepts: of Programming languages, Programming Domains, Language Evaluation criteria and language categories, Evolution of major programming languages. Describing syntax and semantics formal methods of describing syntax, Pseudo code, Design of Algorithm & Flowchart


Fundamentals of C: History and importance of C, sample programming, basic structure and execution of C programs, constants, variables, and data types and various types of declarations, different type operators and expressions, evaluation of expressions, operator precedence and associability. Managing input and output operations, decision making and branching decision making.


Iteration: while, do ... while, for loop, nested ioops, break & continue, goto statements. Arrays and Strings: One-dimensional arrays and their declaration and initialization, two-dimensional arrays and their initializations, character arrays (One and Two dimensional), reading and writing strings, string-handling functions.


Functions: Need and elements for user-defined functions, definition of functions, return values ​​and their types, function cells and declaration, recursion, parameter passing, passing arrays and strings to functions, the scope, visibility and life time of variables . Understating Pointers: Accessing the address of a variable through its pointer, pointers and arrays, pointers and function arguments, functions returning pointers.


Structures and Unions: Defining structure, declaring structure variable and accessing structure members, initialization of structure, operation on individual members, and array of structures, union, size of structure. I / O in C: Formatted and Un-formatted 110, file handling (Random, Binary and Sequential).


This One Week Series is Written in English Language in Question Answer Series According to syllabus of Rajasthan University. 

Its also useful for Shekhawati, Matsya, Brij, JNU, MGSU, MDS, Kota, MLSU University Students. Almost All Units are covered according to syllabus.

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