PHP- BCA 3rd Year One Week Series (Question-Answer)  (2021)  (English Medium)

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Author: Parth
Book Code: OBM/20/10/113084
Publisher: Parth Publishers
University: Rajasthan University (RU)

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 PHP- BCA 3rd Year One Week Series according to Rajasthan University Syllabus. (English Medium)




Syllabus Note: - Students are advice to match the syllabus and pattern with the syllabus available at university website.


Question Paper pattern for Main University Examination

Max. Marks: 100 Time: Three Hours

Part - I (Very Short Answer) Consist 10 questions of each with two marks each with two questions from each unit. Maximum limit for each 20 words.


Part - II (Short Answer) consists of 5 questions of four marks each with one question from each unit. Maximum limit for each is upto 80 marks.

Part - III (Long Answer) consists of 5 questions of twelve marks each with one question from each unit with internal choice.



Introduction to PHP: Server Side Scripting vs Clint Side Scripting, Evaluation of PHP, Features of PHP, Basic Syhntax, Variable and constant, Data type, Opertors and Expressions.


Decision Making: If, Multiple IFs nested IFS, Loops (while m do while, for loop, foreach), nested loops, jumping statement

Array: Numeric, Associative and Multidimensional Arrays


Strings: Creating and accessing String, searching & Replacing String, Formatting String, String Related Library function, Pattern matching Replacing text. Splitting a string with a Regular Expression Functions: Defining a function, calling a function, parameter passing returning value from function.


Form Data Handlings: $ _GET $ _POST, REQUEST Variables cookies handlings, Session Management, URL encryption and security functions.

Exception Handling: Understanding Exception and error, Try, eatch throw.



File Handling: Opening and closing a file. Copying, renaming and deleting a file.

Database Handling: Connection with MySQL Database or ODBC Performing Basic database, operation (Insert, Delete, Update, Select Setting query parameter.

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