E-Commerce - III Year BCA One Series by Parth Publishers Jaipur  (2021)  (English Medium)

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Author: Parth
Book Code: OBM/18/12/1125
Publisher: Parth Publishers
University: Rajasthan University (RU)
E-Commerce - III Year BCA One Series by Parth Publishers Jaipur

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E-Commerce - III Year BCA One Week Series 

This One Week Series is Written in English Language in Question Answer Series According to syllabus of Rajasthan University. 


Note: Students are advised to match this syllabus and pattern with the syllabus available at university websites.

Question Paper pattern for Main University Examination Max. Marks: 100 Time: Three Hours

Part - I (Very Short Answer) consists of 10 questions of two marks each with two questions from each unit. Maximum limit for each question is upto 20 words.

Part - II (Short Answer) consists of 5 questions of four marks each with one question from each unit. Maximum limit for each question is upto 80 marks.

Part - III (Long Answer) consists of 5 questions of twelve marks each with one question from each unit with internal choice.






BCA305: E-Commerce


 Introduction to Electronic Commerce: Definition of Electronic Commerce, The Scope of Electronic Commerce.

Business strategy in an electronic commerce: the value chain, competitive advantage, business strategy.

Business to Business Electronic Commerce: Inter-organizational transactions, Electronic markets, Electronic data interchange (EDI), EDI: the nuts and bolts, EDI and Business Inter organizational E-Commerce.


Designing (Technical, Detailed, High Level): Introduction to Technical Design and Construction. A Client Server Model of E-Commerce, Understanding Technical Design, Construction, Introduction to Detail Design, High-Level Design, Performing High Level Design, High-Level Design of Business Transactions, Applying High-Level Design with example.


Testing & Implementation: Introduction to Testing Understanding Testing, Applying Testing. Challenges and Opportunities in Applying Verification and Validation.

Implementation: Understanding Implementation, Applying Implementation Planning. An Example of Applying Implementation Planning. Challenges and Opportunities Implementation Planning.


Electronic Payment Systems: Special features required in payment systems, Type of E-payment systems, E-Cash, E-cheque, Credit card, Smart Card, Electronic Purses, E-Marketing, E-Customer Relationship Management, E Supply Chain Management.

Security Issues in E-Commerce: Security risk of E-commerce, Types of threats, Security tools and risk management approach. Cyber ​​laws, Business Ethics.


Introduction to e-banking: Definition, Transaction websites components, E-Banking support services, Wireless Banking.

E-Banking Risk: Transaction / Operation Risk, Credit Risk, Liquidity / Internet Risk, Price Risk, Strategic Risk, Reputation Risk.


Introduction to M-Commerce: Business using smart devices (Mobile, e-wallet, online shopping and payment system via mobile, security and privacy features), mobile delivery technology, applications of M-commerce. M Wallet, Mobile Shopping.

Its also useful for Shekhawati, Matsya, Brij, JNU, MGSU, MDS, Kota, MLSU University Students. Almost All Units are covered according to syllabus.


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