State Administration in India (Question-Answer Series) One week Series  ()  (English Medium)

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Author: Parth
Book Code: OBM/21/2/143081
Publisher: Parth Publishers
University: Jai Narain Vyas University (JNVU)

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Unit 1: State Administration in India: Its characteristics and growing importance; General background of State Administration in Indian State with special reference to the State of Rajasthan.

Unit 2:The Office of the Governor: Powers, Functions and role in state Administration, Relationship with Council of Ministers. The Office of the Chief Minister: Powers, Functions, Role and Importance of the Office: Relationship with Council of Ministers.

Unit 3:Organisation of the State Secetariat: Administrative organization of a Department, Organisation and working of the Department of: Home, Finance and Agriculture in Rajasthan. Chief Secretary: His Role and Significance in State Administration; Organisation and working of the following: Boards and Directorates in the State of Rajasthan: a) Revenue Board; b) State Electricity Board; c) Directorate of Agriculture and d) Directorate of Education

Unit 4: Personnel Administration : Role of the State Civil Services; Recruitment of Higher Civil Services in Rajasthan (R.A.S., R.P.S., R.Ac.S.): Organisation and working of the Rajasthan Public Service Commission: Training of State Civil Services; Organization and Functions of State Training Institutes in Rajasthan.

Unit 5: District Administration: Organisation of District Administration: Collector: Functions and Position; Revenue administration at the district level: The S.D.O., Tehsildar and Patwari.

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