Administrative Institutions in India (Question-Answer Series) One week series  (2022)  (English Medium)

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Author: Parth
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 Administrative Institutions in India (Question-Answer Series) One week series


PAPER I Administrative Institutions in India

3 hrs. duration Max. Marks 100

The question paper shall contain three sections . Section A shall contain 10 questions two from each unit of 2 marks each,.

The candidate is required to answer all the questions. The answers should not exceed 50 words. Section B shall contain 5

questions one from each unit with internal choice. Each question shall be of 7 marks. The answers should not exceed 200

words. The candidate is required to answer all the questions. Section C shall contain 5 questions of 15 marks each, one

from each unit. The candidate is required to answer any three questions. The answer shall not exceed 500 words.

Unit I

Administrative Institutions in a Democratic and Socialistic Society. The concept of Laissez faire state, Welfare state and

Administrative state.

Unit II

Organization of Government : Legislature – its role and decline in modern times, Executive – types and relationship with

legislature, Judiciary – functions and role with special reference to the power of Judicial Review.

Unit III

Democracy and Administration : Features of Democratic Administration. Role of Bureaucracy in a Democratic Country,

Political parties and Pressure Groups and their interaction with each other.

Unit IV

Organisation and working : Finance Commission, NITI Aayog and National Development Council, University Grants

Commission, Union Public Service Commission.

Unit V

Election Commission and the Administration of Elections in India. Organization and Working:

( I ) Central Social Welfare Board.

( ii ) Railway Board

( iii) Reserve Bank of India

(iv) National Human Rights Commission

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