State Administration in India (Question-Answer Series) One week Series  (2021)  (English Medium)

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Author: Parrth
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Publisher: 2021
University: Maharaja Ganga Singh University (MGSU)

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 State Administration in India  (Question-Answer Series) One week Series


PAPER II State Administration In India

3 hrs. duration Max. Marks 100

The question paper shall contain three sections . Section A shall contain 10 questions two from each unit of 2 marks each,.

The candidate is required to answer all the questions. The answers should not exceed 50 words. Section B shall contain 5

questions one from each unit with internal choice. Each question shall be of 7 marks. The answers should not exceed 200

words. The candidate is required to answer all the questions. Section C shall contain 5 questions of 15 marks each, one

from each unit. The candidate is required to answer any three questions. The answer shall not exceed 500 words.

Unit I

State Administration in India : Its growing importance, General back ground of State Administration in India with special

reference to the State of Rajasthan. The office of Governor – Powers, Functions and role in State Administration, relationship

with Council of Ministers.

Unit II

The office of the Chief Minister : Powers, Functions, Role and importance of the office, Relationship with council of Ministers,

Organization and role of the State Secretariat, Chief Secretary – Role and significance in the State Administration.

Unit III

Administrative Organization and working of the Department of Home, Finance and Agriculture in Rajasthan. Organization

and working of the following Boards and Directorates in the State of Rajasthan :

(a) Revenue Board

(b) New System of Electricity Administration in Rajasthan

(c) Directorate of Agriculture

(d) Directorate of College Education

Unit IV

Personnel Administration: Role of the State Civil Services in Rajasthan. Organization and working of the Rajasthan Public

Service Commission. Recruitment and Training of State Civil Services. Organization and function of State Training Institutions

in Rajasthan. Institution of Lokayukta.

Unit V

Powers and position of Divisional Commissioner. Organisational Structure of Revenue Administration at District level. Powers

and Position of the following:

1. Collector

2. Sub Divisional Officer

3. Tehsildar

4. Patwari

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