Public Administration in India (Question-Answer Series) One week series  (2022)  (English Medium)

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Author: Parth
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 Public Administration in India (Question-Answer Series) One week series



3 hrs. duration Max. Marks 100

The question paper shall contain three sections . Section A shall contain 10 questions two from each unit of 2 marks each,.

The candidate is required to answer all the questions. The answers should not exceed 50 words. Section B shall contain 5

questions one from each unit with internal choice. Each question shall be of 7 marks. The answers should not exceed 200

words. The candidate is required to answer all the questions. Section C shall contain 5 questions of 15 marks each, one

from each unit. The candidate is required to answer any three questions. The answer shall not exceed 500 words.

Unit I

Historical background of Indian administration with special reference to 1909, 1919 and 1935 Government of India Act.

Salient features of Indian Administration since independence. Environmental setting : Constitution, Parliamentary democracy,

Federalism, Planning and Socialism.

Unit II

The Union Executive : President, Prime Minister and Council of Ministers. The organization and working of the Central

Secretariat, Cabinet Secretariat, Prime Minister’s office, Ministry of Home, Finance and Ministry of Personnel, Pension and

Public Grievances.

Unit III

Major Forms of Public Enterprises in India : Department, Corporation, Companies. Parliamentary Committee on Public

Undertaking, Problems of control and autonomy over public enterprises.

Syllabus / B.A.. I, II, III Year/42

Unit IV

Financial Administration : Budget Formulation, Budget Approval and Budget Execution. Comptroller and Auditor General of

India. Parliamentary Committees : Public Accounts and Estimates Committee. Control over administration : Legislative,

Executive and Judicial.

Unit V

Personnel Administration : Features of Indian Civil services, Classification, Recruitment and Training of All India Services.

Problems of Indian Administration. Corruption and Removal of Public Grievances, Administrative Reforms in India : Since

Independence to Second Administrative Reforms Commisssion.

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