General English for BA/ students compulsory subject BA Ist year  ()  (English Medium)

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Author: Parth
Book Code: OBM/18/12/1143
Publisher: Parth Publishers
University: Rajasthan University (RU)
Compulsory Subject (B.A. B.Sc.) One Week Series General English (English & HIndi Medium)

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Compulsory Subject (B.A. B.Sc.)
One Week Series
General English (English & HIndi Medium) 

SYLLABUS B.A., B.Com., B.Sc. Part I Examination


The Pattern of the Question Paper will be as follows:

Unit A: Phonetics and Translation              (20 marks)(10 periods)

I Transcription of Phonetic Symbols               (05)

II Word Stress                                                                (05)

III Translation of 5 sentences from Hindi to English (05)

IV Translation of 10 Words from Hind i to English   (05)

Unit B: Grammar and Usage  (20 marks)(10 periods)

I Transformation of Sentences  (05)

a. Direct and Indirect Narration

b. Active and Passive Voice

c. Interchange of Degrees of Comparison

II Medals (05)

III Sequence of Tenses( 05)

IV Punctuation of a Short Passage with 10 Punctuation Marks (05)

 Unit C: Comprehension (30 marks) (25 periods) Following Essays and Stories in Essential Language Skills revised edition compiled by Macmillan for University of Rajasthan General English B. William Blake

The Little Black Boys Sujata Bhatt

Voice of the Unwanted Girl Ruskin Bond

Night Train for Deolito M.K. Gandhi

The Birth of Khadi J.L. Nehru

A Tryst with Destiny A.P.J. Abdul Kalarna Vision for 2020 Five questions to be answered out of eight questions Two marks, each based on 6 units of the prescribed texts (10 marks)


Five questions of 3 marks each to be answered from the given passage: (15 marks)

One Vocabulary question from the given passage (at least 10 word (5 marks)


Unit D: Compositional Skills   (30 marks) (15 periods)


I Letters-Formal and Informal        (10)   

II CVs and Job Applications (10)

III Paragraph Writing  (10)


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