Physical Geography B.A. Part - I Paper - I (Question-Answer Series) One Week Series  ()  (English Medium)

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Author: Parth
Book Code: OBM/19/10/61746
Publisher: Parth Publishers
University: University of Kota (UOK)
Physical Geography B.A. Part - I Paper - I Parth One Week Series

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Physical Geography B.A. Part - I Paper - I Parth One Week Series


This book is written in English language in question answer series according to  University of Kota (UOK).

University of Kota


Paper I - Physical Geography

Duration 3 hrs. Max. Marks: 75

Note : The question paper will contain three sections as under – Section-A : One compulsory question with 10 parts, having 2 parts from each unit, short answer in 20 words for each part. Total marks: 10 Section-B : 10 questions, 2 questions from each unit, 5 questions to be attempted, taking one from each unit, answer approximately in 250 words. Total marks: 35 Section-C : 04 questions (question may have sub division) covering all units but not more than one question from each unit, descriptive type, answer in about 500 words, 2 questions to be attempted. Total marks: 30


Unit - I (a) Solar System and Theories of the origin of the earth of Kant, James Jeans and Otto Schmidt; (b) Structure and composition of the interior of the earth; (c) Wegener's theory of continental drift; (d) Plate tectonics; (e) Isostasy -Pratt & Airy; (f) Theories of mountain building - Joly, Kober and Holmes.


Unit - II (a) Rocks; (b) Denudation and soil formation; (c) Earth movements - Diastrophism - faults and folds; (d) Earthquake; (e) Volcanicity;


Unit - III (a) Cycle of Erosion - Davis and Penck; (b) Fluvial land forms; (c) Karst land forms; (d) Glacial land forms; (e) Aeolian land forms; (f) Coastal land forms;


Unit - IV (a) Composition and layers of atmosphere; (b) Insolation and heat budget; (c) Temperature; (d) Pressure and winds; (e) Jet Stream; (f) Air masses and fronts; (g) Cyclones - Tropical and Temperate; (h) Classfication of Climate.


Unit - V (a) Relief features of ocean floor; (b) Distribution of temperature and salinity in oceanic water; 4 (c) Ocean currents and Tides; (d) Marine deposits. (e) Coral reefs; Types and their origin according to Murray & Daly. 

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