Cell Biology, Genetics & Plant Breeding (Question-Answer) One Week Series ( कोशिका विभाजन, आनुवंसिकी एंव पादप प्रजनन ) (2022)  (Hindi Medium)

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Author: Parth
Book Code: OBM/19/11/81877
Publisher: Parth
University: Rajasthan University (RU)
Cell Biology, Genetics & Plant Breeding

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Cell Biology, Genetics & Plant Breeding 


This One Week Series is Hindi in Hindi Language in Question-Answer Series According to Syllabus of Rajasthan,Matsya,Shekhawati University. 

Syllabus of Rajasthan University

Paper-1 Cell Bology, Genetics and Plant Breeding

(2 hrs / week)

Unit-1 Cell organelles and Nuclear material: Ultrastructures and functions of different cell organelles (cell wall, plasma membranc, nucleus, mitochondria, chloroplast, ribosome, paroisomes, Lysosome, Golgi bodies and Endoplasmic Reticulum). Chromatin structure & Chromosome organization: cukaryotic and prokaryotic. Chromosome morphology, specialized types of chromosomes (Sex chromosomes, lampbrush chromosome, Polytendocomore) transposons

Unit-2 Cell divisions: Cal cyck, mitosis stages structure and functions of spindle apparatus aplasic cromos ment, Mciosis: its different stages. Meiosis I. Meiosis II, suposomal complex chiamata formation and crossing over Basis of genetic material: Griffith's transformation experiment and the Hershey and Chase blender experiment to demonstrate DNA as the genetic material. Concept of Gene: Neurospora genetics: one gene one enzyme hypothesis, an idea about prokaryotic and eukaryotic structure of gene - operon concept, exons and introns.

Extra nuclear genome: mitochondrial and Chloroplast genome, plasmids, chromosomal aberrations: deletion, duplication, translocation, inversion, aneuploidy and polyploidy


Genetic inheritance: Mendel's laws of inheritance and their exceptions, allelid (sible ad co-dominance, lethality) and non-allelic interactions complementary gene pod duplicate genes). Quantitative inheritance: grain color in wheat, corolla

l a riana араси Cytoplasmic inheritance-maternal influence, shell coiling in snails, Kappa particles in Paramecium, Multiple allelism: ABO blood groups in men

Unit 4


Plant Breeding Introduction and objectives of plant breeding: general methods of plant breeding in self-pollinated, cross-pollinated and vegetatively propagated crop plants Introduction and acclimatization, selections, bybridizations, hybrid vigor and inbreeding depression. Role of mutation and polyploidy in plant breeding. Famous Indian and international plant breeders and their contribution. National and International agricultural research institutes



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