Pedagogy of History (Question-Answer Series) One Week Series  (2020)  (English Medium)

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Author: Parth
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University: Maharaja Ganga Singh University (MGSU)
Pedagogy of History

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Pedagogy of History


This One Week Series is Written in English Language in Question Answer Series According to syllabus of Rajasthan University. 


 1.4 Approaches: Current events Approach, Mass-media Approach

Interdisciplinary Approach, Constructivism Approach


2.1 Models of teaching

a. Discovery model

b. Value Attainment model

c. Enquiry model

2.2 Methods of teaching:

a. Lecture method

b. Project method

c. Supervised study

d. Story Telling Method

e. Biographical Method

f. Source Method

2.3 Innovative Practices

a. Brainstorming

b. Dramatization

C. Co-operative Learning

D. Experiential-Leaming

2.4 Planning

a. Annual plan

b. Unit plan

c. Lesson plan

Unit -III


a. Teacher as a transformer of cultural & Historical Heritage

b. Teacher as a facilitator

c. Qualities and professional growth of a History teacher to face challenges

d. Teacher as a Reflective Practitioner and a Researcher.

3.2 Learning Resources

a. Print Media

b. Electronic Media

c. Multi Media

d. Visuals

a. Use of community resources

b. Field Trips

c. History resource center

d. Co-Scholastic activities based on school curriculum

e. History club



4.1 (a) Indian Historiography : Brief introduction to Indian Historiography-Ancient,Medieval, and Modern. Problems of periodisation Criteria of Historical criticism.

 (b) Teaching of Controversial Issue: Nature of Historical controversies regarding facts. Controversies interpretation of  facts. Objectivity and value-judgment in History,


(a) History and National Integration: Our National heritage, Unity in diversity the role of History in promoting national integration

(b) History and International Understanding: Our Human Heritage. The role of History as promoter of internationalism.


(a) Content Analysis of History Textbooks at secondary level

(b) Use of Library and other instructional materials & Source: Primary and Secondary


5.1 Preparation of Challenging assignments.

5.2 Criteria for assessing written and practical work in History,

5.3 Assessment Modes: Self-assessment, Peer assessment, Group assessment, Learners' profile, Open book exams, Learners portfolio


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