Public Administration (Question-Answer Series) One Week Series  (2022)  (English Medium)

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Author: Parth
Book Code: OBM/19/12/82604
Publisher: Parth Publishers
University: Jai Narain Vyas University (JNVU)
Public Administration

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 Public Administration 


This One Week Series is Written in English Language in Question Answer Series According to syllabus of Jai Narayan Vyas University. 



Paper II Public Administration

Unit 1

Meaning, Scope and Nature of Public Administration; Evolution of Public Administration as a discipline; Public and Private Administration; Politics and Administration ; New Public Administration; Methods and Approaches of Public Administration.

Unit 2

Administrative Behaviour : Leadership, Decision Making, Communication, Accountability and Motivation.

Unit 3

The concept of Bureaucracy and Civil Service; Role of Civil Service in developing Societies; Recruitment, Training and Promotion.

Unit 4

Budget: Concepts, Techniques, Formulation and Execution of Budget, Role of Finance Ministry. Accounts and Audit.

Unit 5


Legislative, Executive and Judicial Control over Administration; Public Administration in the age of Globalisation and Liberalisation.





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