BA -PART-3 Sociology -Introduction of Sub-Sociology (Q&A) One Week Series -Rajasthan University

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BA -PART-3 Sociology -Introduction of Sub-Sociology (Q&A) One Week Series -Rajasthan University


 Introduction of Sub-Sociology (Question-Answer Series) One week Series

This One Week Series is Written in English Language in Question Answer Series

Paper II: Introducing Sub Sociologies

Unit 1: Sociology of Urban Society • Concepts: City and its Types, Urbanization, Urbanism, Migration

Urban Sociology: Nature, Subject Matter, and Significance • Issues: Slums, Health and Sanitation

Unit II: Sociology of Development

• Concepts: Development & its Forms, Sustainable Development, Modernization • Sociology of Development: Nature, Subject Matter, Significance • Issues: Displacement-Rehabilitation, Development Inequalities: Education, Gender

Unit III: Sociology of Globalization


Concepts: Globalization, Globalization, Globalism • Sociology of Globalization: Nature, Subject Matter. Significance • Issues: Marginalization: Digital Divide, Economic Divide, Identity Crisis





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