BA-PART-2 Geography -Human Geography (Q&A) One Week Series-JNVU University

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BA-PART-2 Geography -Human Geography  (Q&A) One Week Series-JNVU University

 Human Geography 


This One Week Series is Written in English Language in Question Answer Series According to syllabus of Jai Narayan Vyas University. 

 PAPER I HUMAN GEOGRAPHY Unit 1 : Definition, scope and principles of human geography ; its relationship with other Social science; Schools of human geography; Environmentalism, Possibilism and Neo-determinism Unit 2 : Geographic environment and man : Influence of major land forms, climate and water bodies on human activities ; Forms of adaptation to environment; human life in principal environments : Equatorial regions, Tropical deserts, Monsoon lands, Temperate grasslands, Mediterranean lands and Polar region Unit 3 : Races of mankind : Criteria for classification; Classification schemes of krober, Haddon and G. Taylor; Population: growth, distribution and density in the world Unit 4 : Human settlements : Site, forms and types ; House types with special reference to India Unit 5 : Urbanization : Meaning, growth and causes of Urbanization; Principal agglomerations of world functional classification of Indian cities; slums and associated problems with reference to India, Problems of urbanization and remedies




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