BA-PART-3 Political Science - International Relations (Q&A) One Week Series- MDS University

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BA-PART-3 Political Science - International Relations (Q&A) One Week Series- MDS University

 International Relations 


This One Week Series is Written in ENGLISH Language in Question Answer Series According to syllabus of  Maharishi Dayanand Sarswati University. 


3hrs. Duration                                                                                                            Max.Marks 100

Note: Each theory paper is divided into three units. The Question paper will be divided into three parts Part-A,Part-B and Part-C Part A(20 Marks) is compulsory and contains 10 questions at least three questions from each unit each question is of two marks (20 words). Part-B (20 marks) is compulsory and will contain five questions at least one from each unit. Candidates are required to attempt all five questions. Each question is of four marks (50 words). Part-C (60 marks) contains six questions two from each unit. Candidates are required to attempt three questions one from each Unit. Each question is of twenty marks (400 words).


Unit I

International Relations:

• Meaning, nature & scope Approaches: Idealistic, Realistic, System (kaplan) & Marxist.

• Actors: State and other players.

National Power -

Meaning, Elements and limitations.

Balance of Powers:

Meaning, Characteristics, Devices of maintaining Balance of Power, Relevance in cotemporary world.

Unit II

Cold War

Causes, Phases and impact

End of the cold war and its impact on the world Politics.

Non-Alignment Movement (NAM)

• Features, achievements and challenges.

• India and NAM

• NAM: relevance in post cold war era.

International Political Economy:

• New International Economic Order.

• North-South Dialogue.

• South-South Cooperation.

• World Trade Organization (WTO)

Unit III

Foreign Policy:

• Meaning, Elements and determinants. .

•Basic features of Foreign Policy of U.S.A., China and India.

• India and its relations with neighbouring Countries and USA.

International Organization:

• United Nations (UN): Structure and Reforms.

Role and Significance in the Contemporary era.

Regional Organizations:

• SAARC, ASEAN, European Union (EU).

• Major contemporary Trends and Issues in the World. ment

• Human Rights, Globalization, Global Terrorism. Environmentalism, Disarmament





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