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UNIT - I Computer Fundamentals: Characteristics of Computers, Anatomy of Computer Classification of Computers: Micro, Mini, Mainframe, Super Computer). Computer Software, Operating System, Programming Languages: Types of Programming Languages–Networking Systems: Need, Types, Internet Working, Networking Standards;

UNIT – II Operating System–MS–Windows- Windows: Definition, Evolution of Windows, Working with Dialog Boxes, Using Menus, Navigating Windows, A Shortcuts File & Folders, Customizing Desktop, Installing A Printer, Making A Default Printer, Printing A Document;

UNIT - III MS–Word- Word Processing, Working with MS–Word, Editing A Document, Templates and Wizards, Page Formatting, Text Formatting, Tables, Mail Merging: Meaning, Setting UpMain Document, Creating Data Source, Merging A Document, Using Labels and Envelop Wizards;

UNIT - IV Ms–Excel - Electronic Spread Sheet, Editing, Formatting, Functions, Function Wizard Formula, Charts, Printing, Power Point;

UNIT – V Internet &Networking System - Getting Connected, World Wide Web, E–Mailing, Html, Concept of Networking, Information System, Data Communication, Computer Network, Network Applications, Internetworks: Definition, Advantages, Popular Internetwork In India;

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