M.ED -Advanced Research Method -विकसित अनुसन्धान विधियां (HINDI MEDIUM) (Q & A) One week series -Rajasthan University

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M.ED -Advanced Research Method -विकसित अनुसन्धान विधियां (HINDI MEDIUM) (Q & A) One week series -Rajasthan University

Advanced Research Method - M.Ed.

विकसित अनुसन्धान विधियां 


This One Week Series is Written in Hindi Language in Question Answer Series According to syllabus of Rajasthan , Maharaja Gangasingh , Jai Narayan Vyas , Maharishi , Kota , Mohanlal Sukhadia University. 


Advanced Research Methods



Unit-1 : The Normal Distribution

*Properties of normal probability distribution.

*Defects in normality-1. Skewness. 2. Kurtosis.

*Applications of normal probability curve.

Unit - II : Significance & The Scaling of Tests

*The significance of mean, median, standard deviation, quartile deviation, percentage and correlation

* The significance of difference, coefficient of correlation.

* Sigma scaling and standard scores, T scaling, Stanine scaling, percentile scaling.

Unit - III : Analysis of Variance & Testing of Experimental Hypothesis.

*Meaning of variance.

*Method of analyzing variance.. Meaning of Covariance.

*Analysis of Co-variance.

*Parametric and Non parametrie-Chi-square test, Sign test, Median test, Man whitney U test Unit- IV: Regression, Prediction & Correlation

*Meaning of regression Regression equations.

*Application of regression equations in prediction

*Meaning of partial and multiple correlation.

*Simple applications of partial and multiple correlation

*Biserial Correlation-Point biserial correlation

* Phi-correlation contingency coefficient

Unit-V: Reliability and validity & Factor Analysis

*Reliability of test scores and methods of determining it.

*Validity of test scores and determining validity.

*Item analysis.

*Nature of factor analysis.

*Basic assumptions & factor analysis.

*Hierarchy, factor saturaturion and group factors.

*Methods of factor analysis.

Session Work :

*Development of any one scale with reliability and validity.







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