BA -PART-2 Sociology -Social Research Methods (Q&A) One Week Series -Rajasthan University

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BA -PART-2 Sociology -Social Research Methods (Q&A) One Week Series -Rajasthan University

 Social Research Methods 


This One Week Series is Written in English Language in Question Answer Series 

Social Research Methods

Unit 1: Understanding Social Research

• Philosophy of Science

• Nature of Science

• Scientific Method

• Issues of objectively & Subjectivity in Social Science

• Ethnography and Sociological Research

Unit 2: Methods of Research in Sociological Enquiry

• Types of Research: Pure & Applied

• Types of Sociological Method: Empirical, Historical, Evolutionary. Comparative

• Types of Research Design : Descriptive, Exploratory, Explanatory, Experimental

• Difference between Survey & Research

Unit 3: Tools and Techniques of Data Collection and Analysis

• Sampling Procedure : Types, Probability Non-Probability

• Tools of Data Collection: Observation, Questionnaire, Schedule, Interview Guide

• Source of Data: Primary and Secondary


• Nature of Central Tendency: Mean, Median, Mode.



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