BA-PART-3 Geography -Environmental Geography (Q&A) One Week Series-JNVU University

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BA-PART-3 Geography -Environmental Geography (Q&A) One Week Series-JNVU University

 Environmental Geography (Question-Answer) One week series 


Unit 1:

Definition and scope of Environmental Geography : its relationship with other subjects; elements of environment; man-environment relationships, Percipient and quality of environment.

Unit 2:

Ecology: definition\scope and types; ecosystem; meaning, types; components, functioning, productivity and stability; geobiochemical cycles : Water, Carbon, Nitrogen and oxygen

Unit 3:

Environments problems: Causes, population increase; urbanisation, industrialisation, transportation, pesticides and wars; environmental pollution: air, water, soil and noise, measure for control

Unit 4 :

Environmental hazards: Ozone depletion, green house effect, El-nino, Global warming, acid rain, floods, droughts, volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides, collapse of big dams, health hazards and energy crisis

Unit 5:

Ecological basis of environmental management: sustainability of human ecosystem; conservation of natural resources: soil, water, forests, minerals and energy ; national and international efforts on environmental management; environmental education 

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