BA Public Administration -Public Administration in India (Q&A) One Week Series-MDS University

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BA Public Administration -Public Administration in India (Q&A) One Week Series-MDS University

 Public Administration in India (Question-Answer Series) One week series


Public Administration in India ..

Scheme of Examination Two Papers: Min.Pass Marks 72 -

Note: Each theory paper is divided into three independent units. The question paper will be divided into three parts Part-A. Part-B and Part-C.

PartA: (20 marks) is compulsory and contains 10 questions at least three questions from each unit each question is of two mark (20 words)

Part-B: (20 marks) is compulsory and will contain five questions at least one from each unit. Candidates are required to attempt all five questions, each question is of four marks (50 words).

Part-C: (30 marks) contains six questions two from each unit. Candidates are required to attempt three questions one from each Unit. Each question is of twenty marks (400 words)

Paper-II: Public Administration in India


Unit-1: Historical background of Indian Administration: Ancient, Medieval and Government of India Act 1909,1919 and 1935: Legacies of British Administration, Salient features of Indian Administration since Independence. The Union Executive: President, Prime Minister and Council of Ministers. The organization and working of the Central Secretarias, Cabinet Secretariat, Prime Minister's office, Ministry of Home, Finance and Ministry of Personnel, Pension and Public Grievances.

Unit-2: Major Forms of Public Enterprises in India: Department, Corporation Companies. Parliamentary Committee on Public Undertakings, Control over Administration: Legislative, Executive and Judicial. Financial Administration: Budget Formula- tion, Budget Approval in Parliament and Budget Execution Comptroller and Auditor General, Parliamentary Committees Public Accounts and Estimates Committee.

Unit-3: Personnel Administration - Features of Indian Civil Service, Classification, Recruitment and Training of All India Services. Problems of Indian Administration. Corruption and Removal of Public Grievances, Administrative Reforms in India, ARC Report on Central Administration and State Administration.

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