BA-PART-2 History -History Medieval India (1206-1740AD)(Q&A) One Week Series-MGSU University

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BA-PART-2 History -History Medieval India (1206-1740AD)(Q&A) One Week Series-MGSU University

History Medieval India (1206-1740AD) B.A. Part - II 


This One Week Series is Written in English Language in Question Answer Series According to syllabus of Maharaja Gangasingh University. 

Paper- I: History of Medieval India (1206-1740 A.D.)

Unit I

Main Sources of Medieval Indian History; Establishment of Turkish rule in India - Qutubuddin Aibak; Iltutmish, Razia and Balban; Khalji imperialism; Expansion in Rajputana and Deccan, Administrative and economic regulations and their impact on the state and people.

Unit II Innovations under Muhammad Tughlaq; Religious policy and public works of Firuz Tughlaq; Timur’s invasion; Sikandar Lodi; Formation of Vijaynagar Empire and Bahamani Kingdom and causes of their decline; Social and Economic condition and administrative system during Sultanate period.

Unit III Political Condition of India on the eve of Babur’s invasion, his role in the establishment of the Mughal Empire; Humayunearly difficulties and causes of his failure; Shershah-Expansion of his empire and administration; Political unification, Expansion and consolidation of the Mughal Empire under Akbar.

Unit IV Jahangir, Nurjahan’s role in the Mughal Court; Shahjahan’s achievements; Aurangzeb’s Policy towards Rajputs and Deccan; Religious policy of the Mughal Emperors; Shivaji : His conquests and Administration; Causes of downfall of the Mughal Empire.

Unit V Nature of Mughal State; Agrarian system; Mansabdari system; Foreign Trade and Commerce; Social classes-ulema, nobility, zamindars and jagirdars, peasantry, artisans; Status of women. 




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