BA-PART-2 Political Science - Selected Political System (Q&A) One Week Series- MGSU University

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BA-PART-2  Political Science - Selected Political System (Q&A) One Week Series- MGSU University

 Selected Political System


This One Week Series is Written in English Language in Question Answer Series According to syllabus of Maharaja Gangasingh University. 

 Unit-I Salient Features and nature of British Constitution, Conventions, King and Crown, Prime Minister and Cabinet, Parliament, Relationship of House of Commons with House of Lords, Office of the Speaker, Rule of Law, Bureaucracy and Party System in U.K.

Unit-II Salient features of the American Constitution, President - Election Process and Functions, Separation of Powers and Checks and Balance, Federalism: The Federal Judiciary and Judicial Review, Congress - Its Structure and Function, Importance of Senate in U.S. Political System and Party System, Comparison between the British and American Party System.

Unit-III Salient features of the Swiss Constitution, Federal Assembly and Federal Council, Direct Democracy.

Unit-IV Characteristics of the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of China, Fundamental Rights, Legislature, Executive, Judiciary, Democratic centralism, Organization and role of Communist Party of China.

Unit-V Salient Feature of Constitution of the Fifth Republic of France, Fundamental Rights, French Executive. The President, Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers, the French Parliament, the Judiciary, Party system, Bureaucracy and Administrative law.





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