BA -PART-2 Sociology - Social Problems In Contemporary India (Q&A) One Week Series - MGSU University

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BA -PART-2 Sociology - Social Problems In Contemporary India  (Q&A) One Week Series - MGSU University

 Social Problems In Contemporary India


This One Week Series is Written in English Language in Question Answer Series according to MGSU Syllabus

Paper II- Social Problems in Contemporary India

Unit I

Social Problem: meaning, concept and types. Crime and Delinquency: meaning, causes, types, theories and remedies.

Unit II

Issue of Population during 20th Century : Population Problem, Population Education and programmes of control. Population

Control -measures, causes for success and failure.

Issue of Population in 21st Century : Demographic Dividend

Unit III

Problem of Youth, Drug Abuse and AIDS, Problems of Women in India. Women Empowerment, Female foeticide.

Unit IV

Poverty, Unemployment and Illiteracy :causes forms and remedies. Human rights and Social Problems. Environment degradation

and solutions.

Unit V

Social Problems of special groups in India-The Scheduled castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward classes. Problems of Minorities and Communalism.




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