BA -PART-3 Sociology - Indian Society (Q&A) One Week Series - MGSU University

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BA -PART-3 Sociology - Indian Society (Q&A) One Week Series - MGSU University

 Indian Society (B.A. Part-III)


This One Week Series is Written in English Language in Question Answer Series 


Paper II- Indian Society

Unit I

Cultural and Ethnic Diversity: Historically embedded diversities in respect of Language, Caste, Religion, religious beliefs,

practices and Cultural patterns. Unity in Diversity –structural unity of Indian society.

Unit II

Concepts of Varna, Ashram, Karma ,Purshartha and Sanskar.

Unit III

Basic Institutions of Indian society: Caste, Kinship, Family, Marriage. Caste and Class: meaning, features and changing


Unit IV

The structure and composition of Indian Society: Villages, Towns, Cities, Rural-Urban linkages, Urbanization,Tribes, Weaker

Sections, Dalits, Women and Minorities, Population profile and related issues.

Unit V

Processes of Social Change, Sanskritisation, Westernization, Modernization and Globlization. Planned Change & transformation in India. .




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