MA HISTORY - Main Trend in the History and Culture Of Rajasthan (Q & A) One week series (ENGLISH MEDIUM)

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MA HISTORY - Main Trend in the History and Culture Of Rajasthan (Q & A) One week series (ENGLISH MEDIUM) 

 Main Trend in the History and Culture Of Rajasthan

 This One Week Series is Written in English Language in Question Answer Series According to syllabus.

Book is according to Syllabus of Rajasthan University 

(Some errors in words, because syllabus is not upload clear image on website of RU)

Section-I Geographical Features of Rajasthan and the Impact on its History and Culture Advent of man and expose of prehistoric culture in Rajasthan. Hub of Copper age cultures in Rajasthan Rock Art in Rajasthan. A brief survey of historic Rajasthan  from  BC. 600-700 AD. - Matsya Jaspida  Republicna Tribes, Odigte of the Rajputs. Gubilas of Political and cultural Achievements of Gurjar - Pratharas and Chalemanas.

Section_II Rajput Resistance to Mughal invasions, Political and Cultural Achievements of Maharana Kumbba and Saga. Estimate of Mahara Pratap Contribution of  Maldeo.of.Mewar. Role of Chandrasen Emergence of Amber Principality as a Major or State in Rajasthan: Mirja Raja Jal Singh, Sawai Jai Singh

Religious Movements: Mirabi. Dadu Panthis, Folk deities. Art and Architecture: Forts, Temples, Sculptures, Rajput Schools of Painting

Section-III Maratha influence in Rajasthan Acceptance of British Dominance and its Consequences. Administrative and Judicial Changes after Social Changes - Prohibition of Female Infanticide and Sati. economic Changes Land Revenue Settlements. British Monopoly of and Opium Trade Echoes of 1857 outbreak in Rajasthan. Agrarian …… and…...Movements. Tribal Movements. Formation of raja Mandals ……..of Nations and Freedom Struggle in Rajasthan, Economic Developments Post-independence. Cultural Profile of Rajasthan - Rajasthani Language, baler and Literature; Folk Arts and Handicrafts, Fairs, Festivals, Customs Dresses and Ornaments, Developments in Music, Dance and Theatre

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