MA HISTORY - Indian National Movement and thought (Q & A) One week series (ENGLISH MEDIUM)

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MA HISTORY - Indian National Movement and thought (Q & A) One week series (ENGLISH MEDIUM) 

 Indian National Movement and thought


This One Week Series is Written in English Language in Question Answer Series According to syllabus of Rajasthan ,Jai Narayan Vyas , Mohanlal Sukhadia,Kota, MGSU,MDS University Syllabus.

Syllabus Covered in Book

Section-I  Approaches to Indian Nationalism. Conceptual debates. Emergence of organized nationalism. Political Associations and the Indian National Congress. Contribution of Moderates and Extremists to the National Movement. Swadeshi Movement. Home Rule Movement Constitutional Developments upto 1919. Role of Terrorists and Revolutionaries with Special Reference to Chandra Shekhar and Bhagat Singh

Section-II   Rise of Gandhi's career, ideology and methods of mass Mobilisation,Nature of Gandhian Movements - Non-Cooperation movement Civil Disobedience Movement and Quit India Movement The Left Movements - Socialists and Communists. States' Peoples' Movements.

Section III Growth of Separatism - Aligarh Movement Muslim League, Hindu Mahasabha. Subhash Chandra Bose and the Indian National Army. Peasants and Workers' Movements. Depressed Classes Movements. Women in the Indian National Movement


The Act of 1935. Communal Politics and Partition. Transfer of Power and Indian Independence (15 August, 1947),







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