MA Geography - Geography of Rural Development (Q & A) One week series (ENGLISH MEDIUM)

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MA  Geography - Geography of Rural Development (Q & A) One week series (ENGLISH MEDIUM) 

Geography of Rural Development  


This One Week Series is Written in English Language in Question Answer Series According to syllabus of Rajasthan , Jai Narayan Vyas , Mds , Kota , Mgsu,MLSU University. 

Syllabus covered in book

Geography of Rural Development

Section A

Geography and rural development, agricultural geography and rural development, agricultural location theory, rural land use, agricultural, pastoral, forestry and land use competition, landuse and landscape, approaches to rural development, growth center approach, infrastructure reformist, rural settlement, housing, population and employment, rural transport service provision, recreation, health and nutrition

Section B

Rural planning and land management: resource development and integrated rural development: crop and soil management, live stock range and management: water management, ecological management, desertification monitoring and control

Section C

Rural development in Rajasthan: major tools and techniques, rural development schemes Irrigation and land development schemes, drought prone areas schemes, desert development programme, integrated rural development in Rajasthan, tribal areas development, Wasteland development 




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