MA Geography - Man & Natural Environment (Q & A) One week series (ENGLISH MEDIUM)

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MA  Geography - Man & Natural Environment (Q & A) One week series (ENGLISH MEDIUM) 

 Man & Natural Environment 


This One Week Series is Written in Hindi Language in Question Answer Series According to syllabus of Rajasthan , Jai Narayan Vyas , Maharishi , Kota , Maharaja University. 

SYllabus Covered in Book

Man and Natural Environment

Section A

Definition and scope of environmental geography, its relation with other subjects, elements of the environment, man and environmental relationships: environmental determinism, possiblisim and neo determinism, biosphere and its components, concept of ecology and ecological succession, types of ecosystems, energy flow in the ecosystem, soil systern, geobiochemical cycles, major biomes of the world.

Section B

Environmental degradation and natural disasters, environmental crises: Ozone depletion, green house gas effects, El Nino, global warming and climate change, water scarcity, acid rain, sea level change, desertification, environmental pollutions: water, air, soil, noise and radioactive.

Section C


Environmental quality, sustainable development, environmental management, soil and forest resources management, water management, wildlife conservation, biodiversity and its conservation, environmental awareness and education, international efforts of environmental conservation








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