MA Geography - World Regional Geography (Q & A) One week series (ENGLISH MEDIUM)

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MA  Geography - World Regional Geography (Q & A) One week series (ENGLISH MEDIUM) 

 World Regional Geography 


This One Week Series is Written in Hindi Language in Question Answer Series According to syllabus of Rajasthan , Jai Narayan Vyas , Maharishi , Kota , Maharaja University. 


Question-Answer Mention in book

 Long Type Questions & Answers                                        1-88 

1. Divide Asia into major physical regions and describe each


2. Divide Asia into drainage areas and present a brief geographic description. 

3. Describe the summer and winter conditions of Asia by describing the factors affecting the Asia's climate. 

4. Explain the territories of natural vegetation of Asia.

5. Categorize the Soil of Asia and explain them in detail.

6. Explain the population distribution format in Asia.

7. Describe Asia's trading crops as an economic basis.

8. Write a geographical essay on the major mineral resources

of the Asia continent.

9. Give a brief description of Regional Distribution of

Industrial Development of Asia.

10. Describe the physical territories of South-East Asia in detail.

11. Describing South-Western Asia, describe its population, height, climate and natural vegetation.

12. “The geographical characteristics of Europe have an indelible effect on humans.” Write the geographic features of Europe in relation to this statement.

13. Describe the factors affecting Europe's climate.

14. Describe the drainage system of Europe.

15. Explain the natural vegetation states of Europe.

16. Describe the distribution format of the population in Europe and factors that determine it.


17. Give details about the major crops and production areas World Regional Geography

18. Describe the distribution of mineral and power resources in

19. Summarize the major industries of Europe Continent.

20. Write an essay on the industrial territories of France.

21. Divide North America into structural units and describe any two units.

22. Write the factors affecting the climate of North America.

23. Describe North America's drainage system.

24. Divide the South American continent into structural units and briefly describe each unit.

25. Explain the natural vegetation states of South America.

26. Discuss the format of population distribution in South America.

27. Describe Australia's two territories by dividing them into Geoterritorial territories.

28. Describe the climatic conditions and the climate regions of Australia in detail.

 29. Describe the format of regional distribution of natural vegetation or vegetative zones in Australia.

30. Divide New Zealand into physical regions and describe any two.

 31. Give a geographical description of natural vegetation and soils found in New Zealand.


32. Explain the dairy industry of New Zealand geographically. 








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