MA Geography -Evolution Of Geographical Thought - भोगोलिक विचारधारा का विकास (Q & A) One week series (HINDI MEDIUM)

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MA  Geography -Evolution  Of Geographical Thought - भोगोलिक विचारधारा का विकास  (Q & A) One week series (HINDI MEDIUM) 

History Of Geographical Thought


This One Week Series is Written in Hindi Language in Question Answer Series According to syllabus of Rajasthan University. 

 Syllabus Covered in Book

Section A

Definition, scope, nature, purpose and philosophy of geography, fundamental concepts of geography; ancient Indian geography during Vedic and Puranic periods, ancient classical age: contributions of Greeks (Herodotus and Eratosthenese) and Romans (Strabo arid Ptolemy); medieval geography: contributions of Al Biruni, Al Masudi, Idrisi, Ibn-Batutta, Ibn Khaldun, Geography during the period of Renaissance: contributions of Sebastian Munster. Philip Cluverious, Nathanael Carpenter, Varenius, Anton Friedrich Bushing, Immanuel Kant and Conrad Malte Brun.

Section B

Modern geography: geography in Germany-contributions of Humboldt and Ritter, Richthofen, Ratzel, Hettner and Schluter; geography as a chorological science, geography in France-Blache and Brunches, geography in Anglo-American- Sauer and Schafer, geography as science of distribution and relationship, geography as chorological science, geography as science of landscape morphology, geography as spatial science and human ecology.

Section C


Dualism in gecgraphy: physical and human geography, systematic and regional geography, environmental determinism and possibilism, qualitative and quantitive, reductionism and holism; quantitative revolution; philosophical pluralism- empiricism, logical positivism, humanistic geography and structuralism. Approaches in geography, behavioural, radical feministic, Post modern and critical geography, Indian gcograpliy: development, problems, perspectives and prospects. Recommended Readings:







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