MA Economics - Development Economics (Q & A) One week series (ENGLISH MEDIUM)

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MA Economics - Development Economics (Q & A) One week series (ENGLISH MEDIUM) 

 Development Economics

 Syllabus Coverred in Book


Section-A Meaning and Measurements of economic development and human development structural features and process of change-empirical studies of Kuznets, Denison & Chenery; Ingredients of development. Land Physical capital, Labour and Human Capital, Technological Change Scale, Organization; Growth Models- Ricardo, Marx (Classical). Hierod - Domar, Solow (Neo-Classical), Lewis Model and the Renis-Fel Extension

Section-B Development Planning Balanced and Unbalanced strategies Choice of techniques Capital Output ratio, Investment criteria: NPV, IRR. Social Cost Benefit Analysis Accounting Prices, Applications of Input-Output Analysis in Planning. Programming approach of Planning.

Section -C financing of economic development, Domestic and external resources International trade and development Two-gap models, Plan Models of India. Past Performance and CUETOT issues of Indian Planning



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