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This paper shall consist of following two parts: (a) Written paper — 70 marks (b) Internal examination — 30 marks (15+10+5) Mid Semester Test: 15 marks Project/Assignment:10 marks Presentation: 05 marks The candidate must pass in part (a) and (b) separately. For passing, he shall be required to obtain 36 percent marks in each part, i.e. 25 marks out of 70 and 11 marks out of 30 marks. (1) The question paper shall be divided into two (02) Parts viz. Part – A and Part – B. (2) Part – A shall consist of five (05) compulsory questions of two (02) marks each whereas Part – B shall consist of seven (07) questions. The Candidate is required to attempt any four (04) questions. All questions carry equal marks. (3) The prescribed syllabus includes latest amendments in the subject wherever applicable.

OBJECTIVES OF THE COURSE: To provide an insight of comparative politics and constitution, the knowledge of which, facilitates a better understanding of the Indian constitution. Besides academic dimension of this paper, this will also be beneficial for preparation of various competitive examinations.

UNIT - I The Constitution of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: Sources of the British Constitution, Salient Features of the British Constitution, The British Executive: The Crown and the Cabinet, The British Parliament, British Judiciary, Political Parties;

UNIT - II The Constitution of United States of America; Salient Features of the American Constitution, The American Federalism, The American Presidency; The Congress, The Senate, The Federal Judiciary, Political Parties;

UNIT - III The Constitution of Switzerland, Salient Features of the Swiss Constitution, The Federal Legislature, The Federal Executive, Federal Judiciary, Direct Democracy in Switzerland, Political Parties in Switzerland; The Constitution of Japan, Growth and Evolution of Japanese Constitution, Salient Features of the Current Japanese Constitution, Japanese Executive: The Emperor and the Cabinet, The Diet, The Judiciary, Political Parties;

UNIT - IV The Constitution of China: Salient Features of the Chinese Constitution, National People Congress of China; President of China and Standing Committee of N.P.C., Judicial System of China, Party System;

UNIT - V The Constitution of France: Salient Features of the French Constitution, French Legislature, Executive, Judiciary, Political Parties, DroitAdministratif and Dual Courts System, Indian Political System compared with U.S.A., U.K. and France, Indian Political system compared with Switzerland, China and Japan;

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