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UNIT-I Harrapan Civilization: Extent, Chronology, Town – Planning, Administration, Economy Society Religious Beliefs and its Decline Vedic Age: Early Vedic Age and Late Vedic Age : Political Pattern, Religious Ideas and Rituals and Vedic Literature;

UNIT-II Buddhism and Jainism; Evolution and its Main Teachings, Maurya and Gupta Empire: Political, Social Economic, Judicial and Administrative Aspects;

UNIT-III Legal System in Ancient India: Legal Literature, Role of Smritikaras: Manu, Brihaspati, Yagyavalkya, Narada and Katyayana; The Source of Law, The Concept of Dharma, LawMaking and Law-interpreting Process, Law and Custom, Human Law and Divine Law Administration of Justice in Ancient India: Judicial Institutions, Types of Courts, Courts of the Guilds, Role of Village Panchayats; Initiation of the Procedures; The Trial Witnesses, Pleaders, Concluding State of the Judicial Procedure, Punishment, The Role of the Judges; 

UNIT-IV Ghorian Invasions, Causes and Consequences of their Victory; Delhi Sultanate : Administrative Agrarian and Economic Measures of Alauddin Khaliji, General Administration of Sultanate rulers, Cultural, Legal and Judicial Aspects;

UNIT-V Administrative of Shershah Suri, Legal Judicial and Administrative aspects of Vijaynagar Empire, Maratha Administration; Mughal Empire: Political, Economic, Cultural, Legal and Judicial Aspects, Administration of Mughals, Manasabdari System, Religious of Mughal Rulers Till Aurangzeb

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