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Course Outcomes (COs):


On Completion of the course, the student will be able to :


1.      Understand best technologies for solving web client/server problems.

2.      Analyze and design real time web applications.


3.      Use java script for dynamic effects and to validate from in entry.


4.      Analyze to Use appropriate client-side and Server-side application technology

Unit- I


The Internet - Basic of internet, file transfer, telnet, usenet, gopher, wais, Archie and veronica. Introduction to Internet Protocols-, HTTP, FTP, SMTP protocols.

World Wide Web : Elements of the Web, Web browser and its architecture, The web server, the proxy server, Microsoft internet explorer, viewing pages with a browser. using a browser for Mail, News and chat, Security and Privacy issues (cookies, firewalls, Data Security. executable Applets and scripts, blocking system).

Unit- II


HTML Fundamentals: Introduction to HTML, HTML Elements, HTML Semantics, HTML 5 Doc Types, New Structure Tags, Section, Nav, Article, Aside, Header, Footer, HTML Attributes, Headings, Paragraphs, Styles, Quotations, Blocks, Classes, Layout, !frames, Creating HTl'vlL Pages, incorporating Horizontal Rules and Graphical Elements, Hyper-links, Creating HTML Tables, Creating HTML Forms, HTML and Image Techniques, HTML and Page, Developmellt of Website and Webpage (Planning, Navigation and Themes, Elements of a Web page, steps of creating a site, publishing and publicizing site structuring web site.





Cascading Style Sheets: Understanding Style Sheets, CSS Syntax andApplying Style Sheets to HTML document, Developing Style Sheets: inline, internal and external. CSS Selectors, <DIV> tag, Using class and ID, Styling Backgrounds, Styling borders, Styling Text, Styling Fonts. Styling Links, Styling Lists, Styling Tables, Margin, Flex and Grids. Bootstrap & Web page design : CMS, Banks of CMS, Joomla/ wordpress-Installation, Design and development of websites.



Java script: Introduction to scripting language, Client Side Scripting. memory concepts. arithmetic decision making. Java script control structures, Java script functions. JS Popup Boxes, events, program modules in java script, function definitions duration of identifiers. scope rules, Controlling Programming Flow, recursion java script global functions.


Java script arrays: introduction, array declaring and allocating memory, passing arrays to functions, multiple subscripted arrays. The Java Script Object Model, Java Script language Objects, Developing Interactive Forms, Validation of Forms, Cookies and Java Script Security Controlling Frames in Java Script, Client - Side Java Script Custom, JavaScript Objects



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