M.ED - Pedagogy of Language Education- भाषा शिक्षा का शिक्षण (HINDI MEDIUM) (Q & A) One week series -Rajasthan University

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M.ED - Pedagogy of Language Education- भाषा शिक्षा का शिक्षण  (HINDI MEDIUM) (Q & A) One week series -Rajasthan University

One Week Series

Pedagogy of Language Education

Course Syllabus Incorporated

Unit 1- Issues of Language Learning .

*Curriculum, selection and sequencings of content,

*Contexts, transaction and evaluation techniques,

*Development of basic language skills as well as advanced language skills primary, secondary and senior secondary levels.

*Innovative techniques for teaching grammar, reading comprehension and written expression

Unit II- Discourse Analysis:

*Theories of discourse analysis including speech acts, maxims,

*Conversational analysis,

*Ethno-methodology, text analysis,

*critical discourse analysis

*met linguistic awareness with a focus on listening, speaking, seaving comprehension at writing

Unit III-Individualization of Language Learning

*Need, techniques, viz.

*Differential assignments,

*Classroom tasks.

*Personalized system of instruction

Unit IV- Teaching Learning of Languages

*At referent stage of school education

*Primary, upper primary

*Secondary, and higher secondary.

Unit V- Contextual Problem in Language Learning

*Medium of instruction-recommence recommendation of NPE 1986/1992. NCF (2005)

*Preservation of heritage language

*Home language

*School language-problem of tribal dialects.








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