M.ED -Sociology of Education- शिक्षा का समाजशास्त्र (HINDI MEDIUM) (Q & A) One week series -Rajasthan University

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M.ED -Sociology of Education- शिक्षा का समाजशास्त्र  (HINDI MEDIUM) (Q & A) One week series -Rajasthan University

One Week Series
Sociology of Education

This One Week Series is Written in Hindi Language in Question Answer Series According to syllabus of Rajasthan , Maharaja Gangasingh , Jai Narayan Vyas , Maharishi , Kota , Mohanlal Sukhadia University. 


Siksha ka samajshastra


Course Content:

Unit -1 : Education and Sociology

A. Meaning, Nature, Scope of Education Sociology. Difference and relationship between

education Sociology and Sociology of Education.

B. Nature of Sociological Inquiry. Relationship of Education and society, social-system.

Education as a subsystem of society and its relationship with other subsystems: Family, caste and state. Theoretical approaches and contribution of sociology of Education: Antonio Gramsci, Paulo Freire, Talcott Parson's.

Unit - II Socio-Cultural Context of Education

A. Relationship of Education with culture, cultural change, cultural conflict, cultural relativity,

cultural pluralism, VIS-A-VIS Education, Indian culture in global perspectives.

B. Process of socialization and acculturation of the child, critical appraisal of the role of

school, parents, peer groups and the community.

C. Meaning & Process of modernization, Concept of post modernism, Impact of modernization

on education arid culture, role of education for making composite culture.

Unit - III: Education as a Social Process

A. Concept of change, planned change and process of planned change.

B. Education as related to social change, social mobility and social stratification.

C. Education for sustainable development: Meaning, Dimensions, Principles, strategies an

role of Education in sustainable development.

Unit - IV : Social Dimensions of Education

A. Meaning and concept of social ecology and contribution of education to maintain

harmonious social ecology.

B. Social structure and education: Conflict. Crisis within Indian social structure.

C. Unity and diversity in India, Education and Inequalities: Caste, class, gender, education

the oppressed, issues of equality of education opportunity and excellence in Educa

Unit - V Futuristic Society and Education

A. Meaning of futuristic society, goals of education in global perspective.

B. Social hindrency in educational upliftments as caste, religion, regionalism perspective.

C. Challenges of education in future social perspective.



Attempt any two of the following:

(a) Survey of any social problem and present a report.

(b) Case study of any social institution.

(c) Conduct a social awareness programme in an educational institution.






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