M.ED -Education Studies - शैक्षिक अध्ययन (HINDI MEDIUM) (Q & A) One week series -Rajasthan University

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M.ED -Education Studies - शैक्षिक अध्ययन  (HINDI MEDIUM) (Q & A) One week series -Rajasthan University

Education Studies - M.Ed


शैक्षिक अध्ययन (Education Studies)

Course Content:

Unit-I Areas & Analysis of Educational Studies

Part-A Pedagogical, Philosophical, Sociological, Psychological, Health, Curriculum, Gender

issues, Action Research, School Administration, Technological development

Arts, Special education and Environmental Scenario.

Part-B Analysis of Educational Studies from reputed recognized educational journals.

Unit-II Changing Socio-Cultural Context of Education

Part-A Education in the present Socio-Cultural Perspective, Understanding ContemporarIndian society with reference to multilingual, multicultural gender, equity, poverty diversity, human rights and rights of child, appropriate approaches for teaching, young child in the context of diversities and Constitutional provisions of education.

Part-B Process of socialization and acculturation of child-critical appraisal of the school, parents peer group and the community. Young children and social policy, Social context as source for rejuvenating teaching and learning and classroom as a social context.

Unit-III Comparative Education

Part-A Concept, Meaning, Nature and Importance Comparative Education.

Part-B Comparative study of Educational system at Primary, Secondary. Higher and Teacher, education of India with reference U.S.A., U.K. and Russia.

Unit-IV Contemporary Concerns of Education

Part-A Impact of prevailing examination system on students and stake holder. Past exam reforms Secondary Education Commission (1952-53). Education Commission (1966) NPC (1989). National Focus Group Position Paper on exam reform. (Improving quality through range of question, grading, credit system, mode of certification and role of ІСТ)

Part-B Public-Private Partnership - issues and challenges. Professional development of teacher through quality training. Interpersonal relationship. Financial Status. Job satisfaction Education for skill development. Delinking of Jobs with degree temphasis on professional skill and life skills. Environmental Education. Gender Sensetazitation.

Unit-V Recent Education Policies and Acts

Part-A RTE Act (2009) (Approaches to education, economic reforms. Human righ education). NCF 2005 and 2009. Ninth Five Year Plan on Education (1997-2002). Tenth Five Year Plan on Education (2002-2007).


Part-B Constitutional Provision in Education.






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