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 LAW SERIES  B.A.LL.B. First Semester English Medium



SCHEME OF PAPER: MAX. MARKS: 100 MIN. PASS MARKS: 36 This paper shall consist of following two parts: (a) Written paper — 70 marks (b) Internal examination — 30 marks (15+10+5) Mid Semester Test: 15 marks Project/Assignment:10 marks Presentation: 05 marks The candidate must pass in part (a) and (b) separately. For passing, he shall be required to obtain 36 percent marks in each part, i.e. 25 marks out of 70 and 11 marks out of 30 marks. (1) The question paper shall be divided into two (02) Parts viz. Part – A and Part – B. (2) Part – A shall consist of five (05) compulsory questions of two (02) marks each whereas Part – B shall consist of seven (07) questions. The Candidate is required to attempt any four (04) questions. All questions carry equal marks. (3) The prescribed syllabus includes latest amendments in the subject wherever applicable.

OBJECTIVES OF THE COURSE: The course aims at enhancing verbal and non-verbal skills of law students with focus on Reading skills. The exposure to close reading of the reference books and journals would enable them to hone their empathetic skills, study skills and writing skills.


The Joy of Reading (Orient Longman): The following stories-(a) ―An Astrologer‘s Day‖ R.K. Narayan (b) ―The Child‖ Premchand ―The Gift of the Magi‖ O. Henry Language and Grammar: Defining Language, Nature of Language; Linguistic Competence (Introductory);

Grammar and Usage - Sentence Structure- Subject and Predicate; Concord; Tenses; Use of Articles; Accurate Use of Prepositions; Making Questions (Why- and yes-no questions and question tags); Use of Auxiliary Verbs (making requests, suggestions, seeking permission etc.); Some Common Errors


The Joy of Reading (Orient Longman): The following prose places-―Education: Indian and American‖ Anurag Mathur (1)―Bangle Sellers‖ Sarojini Naidu(2)―Where the Mind is Without Fear‖ Rabindranath Tagore

Sentence Transformation: Active and Passive Voice; Types of Sentences (Statements, interrogative, exclamatory and imperative); Simple, Complex and Compound Sentences; Reported Speech; Syntactic Ambiguity

UNIT – III The Joy of Reading (Orient Longman): The following poems- ―My Financial Career‖ Stephen Leacock; The World is Too Much with US‖ William Wordsworth Communication Skills: Communication - Verbal, Non-verbal and Written; Significance of Communication Skills for Lawyers- Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (Introductory); Electronic Communication and its Types (Telephone, Facsimile, E-mail, Voicemail, Teleconferencing, Video-conferencing, Word processor, Internet, Social Media); Formal Correspondence; Resume Writing, Difference between Bio-data, Resume and Curriculum-Vitae.

UNIT – IV The Joy of Reading (Orient Longman): The following PoemsSpeech on Indian Independence Jawaharlal Nehru (1) Sonnet: ―When in disgrace…‖ William Shakespeare (2) Success is Counted Sweetest‖ Emily Dickinson Transformation of sentences: (a)Active/passive(b)Interrogative

UNIT – V Tenses; Comprehension; Paragraph Writing; Punctuation; Latin Maxims; Pair of words; One-word substitution, Synonym, Antonym; Comprehension of Legal Texts; Prescribed Leading Cases; Newspaper Reading, Idioms and Phrases.

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