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 BA- LLB 5th semester Economics-III (ALU)



SCHEME OF PAPER: MAX. MARKS: 100 MIN. PASS MARKS: 36 This paper shall consist of following two parts: (a) Written paper — 70 marks (b) Internal examination — 30 marks (15+10+5) Mid Semester Test: 15 marks Project/Assignment:10 marks Presentation: 05 marks The candidate must pass in part (a) and (b) separately. For passing, he shall be required to obtain 36 percent marks in each part, i.e. 25 marks out of 70 and 11 marks out of 30 marks. (1) The question paper shall be divided into two (02) Parts viz. Part – A and Part – B. (2) Part – A shall consist of five (05) compulsory questions of two (02) marks each whereas Part – B shall consist of seven (07) questions. The Candidate is required to attempt any four (04) questions. All questions carry equal marks. (3) The prescribed syllabus includes latest amendments in the subject wherever applicable.


OBJECTIVES OF THE COURSE: The present paper opens up the foundation of economics to the law students regarding economic environment in India for a better understanding of the subject.


UNIT - I Economic Environment-Meaning, Factors Affecting Economic Environment; Economic Planning – Meaning, Importance, Objective and New Economic Policy approach, Major Economic Reforms (Brief) and their Impacts;


UNIT – II Population Growth and Problems in India, Population Policy, Unemployment in India; Family Welfare Measures and their valuation, Agriculture-significance, New Agricultural Strategy, Types and Remedial Measure; Sources of Agricultural Finance and Land Reforms;

UNIT - III Need of industrialization in India, Large and Small Scale Industries –Importance and Development Problem, New Industrial Policy and Changes; Investment of Foreign Capital in India, Multi-National Corporations;


Foreign Trade: Characteristics Composition and Direction of Foreign Trade in India Balance of Trade and Balance of Payment; Causes and Remedies of Unfavourable Balance of Payment: Export promotion, measures, New EXIM Policy;

UNIT -V Problems and Prospects of Rail, Road, Water and Air Transport in India. Rajasthan: A Brief Introduction, Agriculture Development, Industrial Development and Transportation Development in Rajasthan

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