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UNIT - I Meaning and definition of Political Theory; Significance of Political Theory; Impact of Political Theory on Society and Law; Approaches to the study of Political Theory: Traditional Approaches – Philosophical- Historical- Legal- Institutional, Contemporary Approaches – Positivism, Constructive and Communitarian Political Ideology; Major Ideologies; Liberalism, Marxism, Idealism, Socialism, Nationalism, Internationalism, Fascism

UNIT - II Ancient Indian Political Thought: Manu: Manu Smriti; State: Origin, Organs, Functions, King: Character, Powers; Law and Justice Kautilya; Arthashastra: Law and justice, Danda, Foreign Policy. 

UNIT - III Greek Political Thought: Plato; Theory of Justice; Ideal State: Aristotle; Theory of State, Classification of Government; Roman Political Thought: Features; Cicero.

UNIT - IV Medieval Political Thought: St. Thomas Augustine: State and Church; St. Thomas Acquinas: Law; Modern Political Thought: Machiavelli; Human Nature, King, Law; J.S. Mill: Liberty, Karl Marx: Dialectical Materialism, Class Struggle, State.

UNIT - V Modern Indian Political Thought: Features. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: Truth, Non–Violence, Satyagraha, Philosophical Anharchism; Trusteeship; Jawahar Lal Nehru: Democracy, Socialism, Tilak: Swaraj Veer Sarvarkar– Political Ideas, J.P. Narayan: Sarvodaya Total Revolution.

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