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UNIT- I Introduction: Significance and Importance of Theory; Enlightenment - The social, economic and political forces; The French and Industrial Revolutions in the development of sociological thought; Indian Movements and their contribution for the development of sociology in India

UNIT-II Schools of Sociological Theory and Content of Theories–Basic Concepts: Significance of Theories and their relationship to Law; Schools of sociological theories - Functionalism, Conflict School, Social Action Perspective;Social Stratification: Meaning and Characteristics of Social Stratification, Caste and Class; Religion, family and state.

UNIT-III Sociology of Law; Relationship between Law and Society; Significant Indian Sociological Thinkers: Andre Beteille: Religion and Secularism - Caste - Class - Links between Poverty and inequality - Role of Institutions; M.N. Srinivas - Caste and Caste Systems - Social Stratification; Gail Omvedt; anti-caste movements; environmental movements; farmer‘s and women‘s movements;

UNIT-IV Social Welfare: Meaning, Scope and evolution of social welfare; Social Legislation; Contemporary Social Problems: Child Abuse, Elderly abuse, Problems of Youth (drug addiction, unemployment, suicide), Disabled, Working women and Transgender

UNIT-V Social Dominance Theory: Psychology of Dominance- Circulation of OppressionOppression and co-operation; Theoretical and practical issues of Psychological Dominance in Indian Context Social Problems: Meaning, Causes and Solution; Theoretical Perspectives: Functionalist, Conflict, Symbolic Inter-actionism;

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