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UNIT - I Economic Environment-Meaning, Factors Affecting Economic Environment; Economic Planning – Meaning, Importance, Objective and New Economic Policy approach, Major Economic Reforms (Brief) and their Impacts;

UNIT – II Population Growth and Problems in India, Population Policy, Unemployment in India; Family Welfare Measures and their valuation, Agriculture-significance, New Agricultural Strategy, Types and Remedial Measure; Sources of Agricultural Finance and Land Reforms;

UNIT - III Need of industrialization in India, Large and Small Scale Industries –Importance and Development Problem, New Industrial Policy and Changes; Investment of Foreign Capital in India, Multi-National Corporations;

UNIT - IV Foreign Trade: Characteristics Composition and Direction of Foreign Trade in India Balance of Trade and Balance of Payment; Causes and Remedies of Unfavourable Balance of Payment: Export promotion, measures, New EXIM Policy;

UNIT -V Problems and Prospects of Rail, Road, Water and Air Transport in India. Rajasthan: A Brief Introduction, Agriculture Development, Industrial Development and Transportation Development in Rajasthan

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