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UNIT - I Hindu Law: Sources, Who are Hindu and to whom Hindu Law apply, Schools and Application, Coparcenary, Joint Family Property and Self Acquired Property; Karta and his Powers and Obligation, Religious and Charitable Endowments: Essentials of an Endowments Kinds, Shebait and Mahant;

UNIT - II The Hindu Marriage Act, 1953: Conditions of a Hindu Marriage, Its Ceremonies and registration. Void& Voidable Marriage: Restitution of Conjugal rights Judicial Separation, Legitimacy of Children of Void and Voidable Marriage; Divorce: Alternative Relief in divorce, Proceedings, Divorce by Mutual Consent; One Year Bar to Divorce, Divorced  Person when may marry again; Jurisdiction and Procedure; Maintenance Pendent Lite& Expenses of Proceedings, Permanent Alimony and Maintenance;

UNIT - III The Hindu Succession Act, 1956: Succession to the Property of a Hindu Male; Succession to Interest in Coparcenary Property, Property of a Hindu Female; Succession to the Property of a Hindu Female, General Rules and Disqualifications of Succession, Escheat;

UNIT-IV The Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956 : Requisites of a Void Adoption; Capacity to take in Adoption; Capacity to given in Adoption, Persons Who May Be Adopted; Other Conditions For a Valid Adoption; Effect of Adoption; Miscellaneous; Provisions of Adoptions; Maintenance of Widowed Daughter-In-Law; Dependents and their Maintenance, Amount of Maintenance;

UNIT-V The Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956: Natural Guardians and their powers; Testamentary Guardianship and their Powers; De-Facto Guardian, General Provisions for Guardianship; Guardian declared or appointed by the Court; Partition Under Hindu Law: Meaning, Property for Partition, Persons entitled to sue for partition and allotment of shares, Partition How Effected, Determination of Shares, Re-opening of Partition; Reunion; DebtsDoctrine of Pious Obligation, Antecedent Debts;

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