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UNIT-I Concept and Meaning of Property, Kinds of Property Movable Property, Immovable Property, Tangible Intangible Property, Intellectual Property: Copyright, Patents and Designs and Trademarks, Law relating to registration of documents affecting property relations. Documents of which registration is compulsory; Transfer of Property Act 1882: Object, Scope and Scheme, Immovable Property, Concept of Property, Kinds, Attestation, Notice, Actionable Claim

UNIT-II Transfer of Property, What may be Transferred, Persons Competent to Transfer, Operation of transfer, Oral Transfer, Conditions Restraining Alienation, Transfer for the Benefit of Unborn person, Direction for Accumulation, Vested and Contingent Interest, Conditional Transfers. Condition Precedent, Condition Subsequent and Collateral Conditions;

UNIT-III Doctrine of Election, Doctrine of Lis-Pendens, Fraudulent Transfer, Doctrine of Part Performance; Sale: Definition, Right and Duties of Seller and Buyer;

UNIT-IV Lease: Definition, Duration, Lease Making; Right and Liabilities of Lessor and Lessee, Determination of Lease, Waver of Forfeiture, Waiver of Notice to Quit, Relief Against Forfeiture for Non–Payment of Rent and in Certain Other Cases, Effect of Holding Over, Exemption of Leases for Agriculture Purposes; Mortgage: Its kinds, Mortgage when to by assurance; Right and Liabilities of Mortgagor and Mortgagee, Marshalling, Contribution and Charge, Person who may sue for Redemption, Subrogation;

UNIT-V Gift; Definition, Suspension or Revocation, Onerous Gift, Easement; Definition, Types, Creation, Suspension, Revival, Licenses Creation, Suspension, Transfer and Revocation;

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