CODE 1505- Special Contract, Sale of Goods Act-1930, Indian Partnership-1932, Limited Liability partnership Act-2008 (Question-Answer Series) विशिस्ट संविदाए

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Contracts of Indemnity and Guarantee:

Meaning, Distinction between Indemnity and Guarantee and Kind of Guarantee; Rights of Indemnity Holder; Rights of the Surety, Extent of the Liability of the Surety; Discharge of liability of the Surety; Contracts of Bailment and Pledge: Meaning and Kinds of Contracts of Bailment – Bailment without Consideration; Rights and Duties of Bailee and Bailer; Termination of Contract of Bailment; Contract of PledgeMeaning and Definition, Pledge by Unauthorized Persons;

UNIT - II Contract of Agency:

Definition, Kinds and Modes of Creation of Agency; Relation between-i) The Principal and Agent ii) The Principal and Third Party, and iii)The Agent and the Third Party Determination of Agent‘s authority –i) By Act of Parties; and ii) By Operation of Law – Irrevocable Authority;

UNIT - III Contract of Sale of Goods:

Sale: Meaning, Definition and Distinguish between Agreement to Sell, Hire-Purchase Agreement; Goods: Existing, Future and Contingent; Conditions and Warranties; Passing of Property from Seller to Buyer; Sale by Unauthorized Person; Law relating to Performance of Sale; Rights of Unpaid Seller;


Contract of Partnership:

Meaning, Definition, Creation and the Characteristics of Contract of Partnership; Kinds of Partner and Partnership; Distinction between: i) Co-ownership and Partnership ii) Joint Hindu Family Firm and Partnership; iii) Company and Partnership iv) Limited Liability Partnership and Partnership; Position of Minor; Relations inter-se of partners and relation of Partners with third parties; Registration of Partnership firm; Effect of Non-Registration of Partnership Firm; Dissolution of Firm;


Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008:

Need, Importance, Objectives; Definition, Concept, Key Features of the Act and Judicial Responses

LEADING CASES: 1) Amritlal Goverdhan Lallan v. State Bank of Travancore, AIR (1960) SC 1432

2) Hindustan Construction Company Limited v.Union of India 2019 SC

3) National Bank of India Ltd. v. Sohan Lal AIR 1965 SCR (3) 293

4) Patnaik & Co. v. State of Orissa AIR (1965) SC 1655

5) Serious Fraud Investigation Office v. Rahul Modi, 2019 SC 423

6) State of Gujarat v. Mamon Mohd. AIR (1967) SC 1885 

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