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UNIT - I Meaning, elements and characteristics of Contract; Formation and Classification of Contract, including the Standard form of Contract; Proposal: Meaning, Elements Characteristics and Kinds of Proposal; Distinction between Proposal and Invitation to Proposal; Acceptance: Meaning, Modes and Characteristics of Acceptance; Communication, Revocation and Termination of Proposal and Acceptance; UNIT - II Consideration: Meaning, Definition and Elements of Consideration; Significance and adequacy of consideration; Privity to Contract; Unlawful Consideration and Object Valid Contract Capacity to Contract : Parties competent to contract; Position of minor; Person of unsound mind, nature of contract by person of unsound mind; Persons deprived of the Capacity to Contract. Free Consent : Meaning of Consent and Free Consent; Factors rendering consent not free and their effect upon the validity of Contract; E- Contracts: Definition, Silent Features, Formation and types, Differences between E- Contract and Traditional Contract, Advantages and Disadvantages of E -Contracts;

UNIT - III Voidable and Void Agreements: Doctrine of severability; Agreements in restraint of marriage; in restraint of trade; Uncertain agreements; in restraint of legal proceedings; Agreement by way of wager; Contingent Contract; Certain relations resembling to those created by Contract (Quasi Contract) UNIT - IV Performance of Contract: Parties to perform the contract Joint rights and joint liability and performance of reciprocal promises; Time, Place and Manner of Performance; Discharge from liability to perform the contract. UNIT - V Breach of Contract : Meaning and Kinds; Remedies for Breach of Contract:(i) Damages—Measure of damages and remoteness of damage; (ii) Specific Performance of contract and injunctions under Specific Relief Act,1963 and Amendments.

LEADING CASES :  Carlill v. Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. (183) 1 QB 256  Bhagwandas v. Girdhari Lal & Co. AIR 1966 SC 543  Motilal Padampat Sugar Mills v. State of U.P. AIR 1979 SC 621  Mohori Bibi v. Dharmodas Ghose, (1903) 30 I.A. 114  Satyabrata Ghose v. Mugneeram Bangur & Co. and Another AIR 1954 SC 310

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