PAPER-2.9. PROFESSIONAL ETHICS & PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING SYSTEM (Question-Answer Series) H वृतिक आचार, वृतिक लेखा प्रणाली

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PAPER 2.9. PROFESSIONAL ETHICS & PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING SYSTEM   (Question-Answer Series) H  वृतिक आचार, वृतिक लेखा प्रणाली

The book prepared according to following syllabus Question-Answer Format in Hindi Medium. 


Professional Ethics and Professional Accounting:

The Necessity of the Professional Ethics; The Art of Advocacy; Professional Ethics; Nature of Professional Ethics and the Problems of the Code of Ethics; Advantages of having codified  Professional Ethics; Professional Ethics - Rules of Conduct. Standards of Professional Conduct and Etiquette: Duties to the Clients;


The Advocates Act, 1961:

Need, Importance, Objectives; Definition, Concept, Key Features of the Act; Bar Councils; Admission and Enrolment of Advocates; Right to Practise; Conduct of Advocates; Miscellaneous; Judicial Responses; Image / Position of Legal Profession in Society; Advocacy is a Profession not a Business; Legal Profession is a Noble Profession; Deterioration in Image of Legal Profession in Independent India; Role of Lawyers in Society;


The Contempt of Courts Act, 1971:

Objectives; Definition, Concept, Key Features of the Act; Contempt and its Heads; Exemptions Heads for Contempt created by Legislations and Courts; Complaint Against Presiding officers of Subordinate Courts when not contempt; Publication of Information Relating to Proceedings in Chambers or in Camera Not Contempt Except in Certain Cases; Other Defences Not Affected; Power of High Court to Punish Contempt‘s of Subordinate Courts;


Power of High Court to Try Offences Committed or Offenders Found Outside Jurisdiction; Punishment for Contempt of Court; Contempt‘s Not Punishable in Certain Cases; Procedure Where Contempt is in the face of the Supreme Court or a High Court; Criminal Contempt and Cognizance in Other Cases; Procedure After Cognizance; Hearing of Cases of Criminal Contempt; Appeals; Limitations; Non-applicability of the Act; Related Judicial Responses;


Bar-Bench Relationship:

General Conception; Advocates Duty to the Court; Duty to the Client; Duty to the opponent; Duty to Colleagues; Duty in Imparting Training; Duty to render Legal Aid; Duty of Judge towards the Advocate; Duty of the Bar towards the Bench; Grounds of disputes in Bar-Bench Relations; Suggestions to Improve Bar-Bench Relations; Restrictions on Senior Advocates; Standards of Professional Conduct and Etiquette; Rules Relating to Advocates‘ Right to Take up Law Teaching. 

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